Ultimate workout tips exercise bike

Aerobic exercise like riding an exercise bike has a variety of benefits and it helps you keep away your stress and tensions. When compared to other stationary machines like elliptical, treadmill, these are best in providing low-impact workouts that rank superior as it offers only less stress on joints and knees.
Following are few tips to workout effectively on the e-bike:
Adjust Seating
It is always recommended to adjust the seat on the exercise bike, so that it fits you rightly. While sitting and placing the legs on pedal, you must have your legs straight when you place your foot at the lowest point. So make your seat as efficiently as possible so that you will be fit in exercising.
Warm up Yourself:
You have to make a warm up session at least for 10 minutes before working out. While starting make lesser pedaling and get sped up as it gets higher and higher again switch back to slow pedaling which in turn will help you out in building your stamina and resistance power.
Do Regular Intervals
Your may watch TV and ride slow and steady, but it may not product the maximum workouts that you would wish to perform. So don’t limit yourself and do the maximum workout as long as you can get. Do intervals alternatively and vary your pedal slowly as well as quickly, it strengthens your leg muscles.
Drink a Cup of Green Tea:
Being hydrated when you exercise on your exercise bike is very important as it helps in preventing muscle cramps and injuries. Try with green tea as it helps in stimulating your fat loss and also helps to lose large amount of fat when compared to adults. Green tea catechins are very essential for those who are serious about losing weight. It also boosts your energy and stamina during workouts.